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Student Life

An unforgettable part of your experience, be sure to get the most of it!


Living on Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Stikom Surabaya you will get to experience using the integrated RFID technology application, on the parking system, academic activities, and drinks transaction. Besides that, as an Eco Campus Award recipient from Surabaya municipal environmental agency, living on Stikom Campus will give you a clean environment, healthy and smoke-free.

Quality Of Life

Our community provides comfort for all members. All the activities you can follow at any time.



These sport activity is one of the concrete manifestation of students in the filed of non-academic. The sport activity can develop students’ potency and achievement based on the competitive and sportive.

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Softskill Courses

A person's success is not only determined by knowledge and technical abilities, but more important is the ability to manage themselves and others. Learn the soft skills competencies to increase your bargaining power on the global labor market.

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Stikom Library

Complete collections and a comfortable space is provided to support learning, teaching and research for all students, faculty, and employees.

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Health and Safety

Physical and psychological health is an important thing to create quality human resources. Health clinic (Polyclinic) and counseling services can be used by all students for free

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Life Together

Community is a social group from organism of environments which generally have same interests and habitat. Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Stikom Surabaya have many student communities. You can join in a community, sharp your minds and creative spirits.

Student Senate

The Student Senate is the primary representative institution of the student body and exercises its authority in the students name and for the students’ welfare. They will coordinate, communicate and synchronized the activities of student’s activity unit or community.
Dewan Mahasiswa Stikom Surabaya
Senat Mahasiswa Stikom Surabaya

Student Organization & Communities

Student organizations and communities provide wonderful opportunities to learn, develop and put into practice leadership skills. Skills like time management, guiding and motivating others, financial stewardship, effective communication, listening, teamwork and inclusion are all competencies that students learn from participating in and leading student organizations. You can be part of one or several student organizations or communities.

Student’s activity units (UKM)

Student Activity Unit (UKM) is a student organization that has the task to plan, implement, and develop students' extracurricular activities. There are many student activity unit at Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Stikom Surabaya which are UKM Musik, UKM Capoeira, UKM Photografi.
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Reasoning Activity Units (UKP)

Reasoning Student Activity Unit is an institution of university level students engaged in scientific research and become a place of scientific and non-scientific discussion for students. Students have the freedom to develop ideas or think patterns to solve issues and problems associated with scientific and social issues in the campus environment and social environment of the community and state.
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Spiritual activity unit (UKK)

Student spiritual activity Unit at the Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Stikom Surabaya is a unit that accommodates spiritual activities conducted and organized by the students. Through these activities, all of student activities and behavior based on religious values.
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Community students at the Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Stikom Surabaya formed by students who have similar interests. Communities became the embryo of the formation of student activities unit.
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