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Students Activity Units


STIKOMUSIC is students’ activity unit (UKM) who accommodate students of Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Stikom Surabaya who have talent, especially in the field of music. The member of STIKOMUSIC is affiliated from various bands which has various stream of music, personal musicians, music lovers and those who dedicate themselves to music. Moreover, since it is born from education receptacle, STIKOMUSIC wish to universe music as a unifier language of different background of profession likes lecturers and students, and all academicians of Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Stikom Surabaya, so all the technology is created and built by IT people from the inspiration of music, such recording industry which start touching the technology competition. Recording equipment and video clip production are the promotion media. 


Anothers Students Activity Units : 

1.    Indonesian Tauhid martial art (STI)    

2.    English of Stikom Surabaya

3.    Photography Generation of STIKOM (G-FORST)            

4.    STIKOM JIU JITSU        


6.    Force who hoist Heirloom flag ( PASKIBRA)     

7.    Volunteer Corps (KSR)

8.    DIVING

9.    Students’ natural lover association of STIKOM Surabaya (HIMAPASTI)

10. basketball


12. Badminton

13.  SEMANGGI Theatre  

14. Dance



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