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Solution Information System (SSI)

Solutions Information Systems (SSI) is part of the STIKOM Surabaya that provides consulting services and software development services, particularly software Higher Education Management Information System, Hospital Management Information System and Information Technology solutions and other systems.



Being a consultant, designer and developer of reliable information systems. Integrated

information system that is stable and easy to use is the power and the main characteristics of

SSI products.



1. Being a consultant in the design of the software requirements and use of information

technology for business.

2. Providing services to the public in accordance with the software development business




1. A means to provide consulting services in the field of information systems and information


2. A means for faculty to sharpen STIKOM Surabaya in the field of controlled development.

So not only mastered theoretically, but also through a real case study at hand.

3. A means for students to be able to STIKOM Surabaya train and develop the knowledge

gained in the classroom into the world of work.


Programs and Services

1. Consulting Services Information Systems and Information Technology

2. Development of Software Applications.


Established a good cooperation with vendors such as: ORACLE, Microsoft, IBM, Acer, HP and other possible total SSI provides an alternative solution that fits the needs of clients. Some organizations who have entrusted the consultancy, development and or maintenance of

information is the SSI system include:

1. Islamic State University of Malang (Unisma)

2. Naval Academy (AAL)

3. Catholic College of Health Science St. Vincent a Paulo (STIKES RKZ)

4. People's Credit Bank (BPR) in East Java

5. Hospital Dr. Soetomo

6. Education Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology Faculty of Medicine. Unair

7. PT. Jaya Wonokoyo Corpindo

8. PT. Trias Sentosa Tbk

9. Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration of East Java Province

10. Board of Investment of East Java Province


Software application producs:

1. Academic Information System of Higher Education

2. Hospital Management Information System

3. Disposition Information Systems Letters

4. Accounting Information Systems

5. Education Information System of Obstetrics & Gynecology

6. Solution Development Technology Consulting and Information Systems


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