Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Stikom Surabaya

The task descriptions of P3AI

In performing its duties, the P3AI have duties and functions:

  1. Plan, develop, and implement development activities instrusional enrichment program that is able to support the achievement of the target competencies of graduates.
  2. Plan, organize and develop the instrument implementation of the curriculum.
  3. Plan, prepare and develop students' creative coaching methods in the learning process.
  4. Organize and coordinate the distribution of subjects along with the faculty pengampu respective Head of Study Program.
  5. Implementation consulting function of curriculum development, materials management and the learning process as academic services to all faculty and students.
  6. Organizing various training and mentoring teachers in developing learning materials and processes.
  7. Assess and develop alternative models of learning that can support quality improvement of learning outcomes.
  8. Organizing various training and mentoring of students in the development of interests, talents and abilities in a creative and innovative work.


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