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Student’s Activity Unit and Spiritual Activity Unit

Student’s activity unit (UKM)

  1. SEMANGGI Theatre

    It is one of student’s activity unit which moved in the field of art development, especially theater art.


  2. Dance

    This activity unit also focuses in cultural preservation, especially in the field of traditional and modern dance.



    STIKOMUSIC is students’ activity unit (UKM) who accommodate students of STIKOM Surabaya who have talent, especially in the field of music. The member of STIKOMUSIC is affiliated from various bands which has various stream of music, personal musicians, music lovers and those who dedicate themselves to music. Moreover, since it is born from education receptacle, STIKOMUSIC wish to universe music as a unifier language of different background of profession likes lecturers and students, and all academicians of STIKOM Surabaya, so all the technology is created and built by IT people from the inspiration of music, such recording industry which start touching the technology competition. Recording equipment and video clip production are the promotion media.


  4. Photography Generation of STIKOM (G-FORST)

    These photography activities become the main focus of Students’ activity unit of G-FORST.




    CYBER CHOIR is one of students’ activity unit which consists of who love tha art of voice.


  6. Indonesian Tauhid martial art (STI)

    Indonesian Tauhid Martial Art Shrine is an independent organization. Its nature is familial and not bound to way of life, certain public organization (ormas) and political organization (Orpol). The membership of tauhid martial art is opened for muslim in general.



    STIKOM JIU JITSU is a name of Dojo or martial academy which is located at STIKOM Surabaya.



    It is an activity unit which is the branch of students’ sport activity combined with martial art.


  9. STIKOM English Community (SEC)

    SEC is a community of English lovers which has activities related with international world, such as: English Debate, building relation with consulate-general from abroad, both speaking and listening.


  10. Force who hoist Heirloom flag ( PASKIBRA)

    As the receptacle of students who want to develop the awareness to defend their country, chauvinism, spirit of nationalism, awareness of public order. The activity of this community is mostly specialized in performing flag ceremony and developing the character of its members.


  11. Volunteer Corps (KSR)
  12. DIVING
  13. Students’ natural lover association of STIKOM Surabaya (HIMAPASTI)
  14. basketball
  16. Badminton


Spiritual activity unit (UKK)

  1. Prayer Fellowship Spiritual Unit (UKPD) (CHRISTIAN Protestant)
  2. Budhist Spiritual Activity Unit ( UKKB )
  3. Mouslem Spiritual Activity Unit ( UKKI )
  4. Hindu Spiritual Activity Unit (UKKH )
  5. Chatolic Students Group ( KMK )



  1. Capital Market Community (CMC)

    This community learns lots and develops the stock market activity and also selling and buying foreign currency which is available at stock exchange.

  2. Students’ Marketing Community of STIKOM Surabaya

    As the community which is under protection of students admission department of STIKOM Surabaya. This community specializes itself in self development and sales development.


Reasoning Activity unit:

  1. Linux User Group (LUG)
  3. Oracle
  4. STIKOM Java Community
  5. Computer networking



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