Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Stikom Surabaya

Student Affair

Basically, college has a duty to develop qualified human resource (human resource – College student). The intended qualities of human resource are not only covering competency, skill and expertise in the field of academic (Hard Skill or Academic Skill), but also personality, attitude, moral and faith ( life skill or social skill). It means that college is not only provide academic activities, but also non-academic activities. For the development of soft skill, student affairs of STMIK STIKOM Surabaya  obliges to manage actvity and program of soft skill coaching by coordinating with head of departments and the related departments in order to provide infra structure and facilities as an orgnization for students’ activity, thus enabling the development of reasoning, aptitue and interest in art, culture, sport, welfare and the community service as stated in the decree of minister of education and culture, number: 155/U/1998 on Juni30, 1998 about  general guidelines for student organization in college.

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