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S1 Information System

Address : Raya Kedung Baruk 98 Surabaya
Phone : 031-8721731 ; Ext. 707/712
Head of Department : Dr. Anjik Sukmaaji, S.Kom., M.Eng
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Accreditation : B

Information System Department is a department which has vision “reach excellence human resources” who have capability to develop and implement Information System by using the benefit of IT in all aspects of life that can guarantee human’s welfare. From the existing vision, at the end of second year, we expect that our colleges are able to operate integrated application (programmer). Hence; at the end of the third year of their study, we expect our colleges are able to analyze and solve problems related with business organization and devise Information System as the solution (analysis system). At the end of fourth year of their study, colleges are able to organize a project on Information System at all subjects related with business organization (Project Manager of IT).


Graduate Ensured:

S1 Information System

Capable of devising computer-based Information System and implement it by using method, technique and certain tool including its documentation.


Main Course:

S1 Information System

Object, Visual, web and data base-oriented programming (Java, NET, UML, Oracle)

Web-based Application development, Data warehouse And OLAP, Mobile Application



Work Profession

S1 Information System

System Application Analyst, Database Administrator, System Development Manager, Hardware and Software Integrator, Software Development Manager, MIS Manager, Web Programmer, Web Master, Network Administrator.


Internationally Certified:




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