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S1 Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design


Address : Jln Raya Kedung Baruk 98 Surabaya
Phone : 031-8721731 ; Ext. 710
Head of Department : Siswo Martono, S.Kom., M.M.
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Accreditaion : B


           The development of median and advertising industry is very competitive. This situation urges universities preparing qualified and excellent human resources, especially in the field of visual communication design.

        Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Stikom Surabaya comes as a campus which is ready to produce graduates who are capable in designing corporate identity, advertising, branding promotion, as well as other creative media.

        To deal with competition, and meet the challenge, Visual Design Communication Department (DKV) Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Stikom Surabaya is designed with a science-based curriculum, Multimedia, Entrepreneurship and high soft skill. It is also supported by competent educators with master degree and doctorate degree education background, as well as professional practitioners.


Competency of Graduates

  1.  Design corporate identity, Signage system, Stationary Kit, Packaging and Logo Design and Environmental Design.
  2. Make an Illustration book, Comic, music album cover, Movie poster, calendar design, T-shirt Design, Stamp and postcard Design and the design of currency.
  3. Design advertising, such as: Branding promotion, public service ads, event support and product promotion which are involving mass media like television, newspaper, magazine, tabloid, internet poster, brochure, merchandising. Ambience media and theatrical advertising


Work Profession

Graduates of S1 Visual Communication visual can pursue the profession as Creative Director

, Art Director, Account Executive, Media Planner, Advertisement Research, Media Buyer, Copywriter, Production Supervisor, Animator, professional Photographers, and any other professions.


Main Courses

Visual Communication design, Technical Drawing, Nirmana, Typography, Expression Drawing, 3D , Graphic Computer, 3 Computer Graphics, Animation, Comic, Audio Visual, Photography, Process of Production and graphics, Interactive Multimedia, Review Design, Advertising Design



  1. Photography Studio
  2. Animation and video Studio
  3. Digital Studio
  4. Audio and Graphic Studio


Internationally Certified

Besides provided with the capability of hard skill and soft skill, graduates of Visual Communication Design get chances to obtain international certificate like Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) which can be used as Portfolio, in the level of competitive labor both in domestic and overseas .



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