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: On Acceptability, Career Commitment and Special Accomodation to Women Programmer: Gender Based Perspective


: Sri Suhandiah



Computer Programmer, as one skills obtained by computer college graduates, is found to be less attractive by women alumni. The less women graduates working as programmer might create some issues, such as acceptability, promotion, responsibilities, commitment and special accomodation, such as married, pregnancy, maternity leaves, for them.The issues above is empirically tested by asking both men and women alumni directly using electronic-questionaires. Statistical test was utilized to test differences on their answers. It is found that there are slight differences between the issue of acceptability, while there are no differences on the issue of career commitment and special or particular accomodation between men and women alumni. Larger part of the respondents expressed that working women should have the same career commitment as their men counterparts. In addition, special accomodation should also be given to them since they are unique individuals. Keywords: Women Programer, Gender


: penelitian, research, programer perempuan, women programmer, akseptabilitas, acceptability, komitmen karir, career commitment, akomodasi khusus, special accomodation
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