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: Pengaruh Strategi Pembelajaran Cooperative Learning Terhadap Hasil Belajar Mahasiswa


: Drs. Bambang Hariadi, M.Pd.



The research aimed at examining the effect of cooperative learning instructional
strategy toward student learning outcomes. The research implied quasi-experimental design
with nonequivalen control group factorial version. The subjects were undergraduated students
of Information Systems amounts to 69 students, comprised of 34 students for the
experimental class and 35 students for grade control. The collected data were statistically
processed using analysis of variance techniques (ANOVA) using a significance level of 0.05.
The results of this research indicate that there was a difference in outcome study of Public
Management courses is significant between groups of students who studied with a webbased
STAD tipe cooperative instrutional strategies and text-based STAD tipe cooperative
strategies. Based on the findings of this research, researcher suggests to implementing STAD
tipe cooperative of instructional strategy, with simultaneously (complementary) between the
web-based and text-based in the form of blended learning.


: Strategi Pembelajaran, Cooperatif Learning, Hasil Belajar, Instructional Strategy, Cooperative Learning, Learning Outcomes.
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