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: Profil Pemahaman Konsep Pembagian Pada Siswa Kelas III Sekolah Dasar Yang Memiliki Gaya Belajar Visual


: Dra. Sulis Janu Hartati, M.T.



The objective of this research is to describe the characteristics  students’ understanding of divisions concept on visual student. Based on this objective, a research is conducted exploratively using qualitative approach. The subjects of the research was one third grade elementary school students who has a visual learning style. The subject given four matter of the division. Based on the results of the work of the subject in depth interview was conducted to found the  characteristics  students’ understanding of divisions concept. The results showed that the  characteristics  students’ understanding of divisions concept is (1) the attitude of the subject to recognizing and solving problems was calm appearance and paying attention to the worksheet, (2) how to recognize and resolve the subject matter of division by linking the mathematics object with a scheme owned. On the scheme’s subject found 17 linkages and seven understanding of the division operation.  


: Pemahaman, Pembagian, Gaya Belajar Visual, Keterkaitan, Skema, Understanding, Division, Visual Learning Style, Linkage, Scheme.
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