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: Simulasi Produksi Dan Distribusi Pelayanan Permintaan Sarung Tenun Dengan Monte Carlo


: Weny Indah Kusumawati


: PT. ASEANTEX Mojokerto is a textile industry company manufacturing woven sarongs. PT. ASEANTEX has sub companies around Mojokerto. The company is currently having difficulty in determining strategy for the demand service of export and domestic markets that are always fluctuating.Based on the problem above, the company wants to deal with the problem by using simulation programs including production and market demand (export and domestic). The simulation program uses some statistical tests and random number generator that are adjusted to the theory used. Results of the simulation program are expected to help solve problems of PT. ASEANTEX management, so the profit gained will be higher. From 4 strategies that are implememted, there are some strategies that have the same model but have different service, and from the different revenue, it can be used to make decisions. Keywords: Product Fluctuations, Demand Fluctuations, Simulation.


: penelitian, ilmiah, research, lecture research
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