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Hardskill Training for Alumni and Final-Year Student| SCC

Stikom Career Center (SCC) in the month of May will be conducting "Hard skills training for alumni and final-year students"


This activity aims to equip hardskill alumni and final-year students which is still not controlled, in order to be more competitive in the future world of work.

Besides these activities can be used by alumni and final-year students to add to the portfolio in terms of training. This training is 75% practice, 25% theory.


The training of this activity consists of:

1. Training Network (Cisco) - Anjik Sukmaaji, Kom., M. Eng.

2. Training Database (SQL Server) - Julianto Lemantara, S.kom., M.Eng.

3. Training Web Design (PHP) - Teguh Sutanto, M.Kom.

4. Material Hardskill option *)


*) The material options can be selected by the prospective trainees. Most participants from the material of choice, then the material is to be held



 1. Training Certificate

 2. Training Module



Schedule and place of training:


Time   : May 5, 2015 s / d May 22, 2015 (detailed schedule can be seen on the poster of this email attachments)

 Places: Labkom 6th Floor, Blue Tower


Registration Information

On Desk: Space Stikom Career Center (SCC) 1st Floor Blue Tower - Hafidz / Betty


Google online form:

1. Training Network (Cisco)

2. Training Database (SQL Server)

3. Training Web Design (PHP)

4. Material selection Hardskill


More info Details:







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