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Center of Educational Development and Instructional Activities

Center for Instructional Improvement and Development Activities (P3AI) is an element of managing the conduct studies, evaluations, analyzes and interpretations that are reliable in improving the quality of learning in the development of penengetahuan science, technology and art.
P3AI activities STMIK STIKOM Surabaya conducted in the laboratory, study programs, the faculty, as well as faculty and students. P3AI are among the field, cross-cutting and / or multi areas.


Being part of whose role is to conduct a study, evaluation, analysis and interpretation of reliable in order to improve the capacity of the learning process, to realize STIKOM Surabaya as college quality, superior and famous.


Review and develop the theory of learning and apply it to create the quality of teaching based on the principles of pedagogy and Andragogy to manage enterprise learning and development of problem-solving learning, learning in a fun situation.


Improve the quality of learning in STMIK STIKOM Surabaya, with:
  1. Enhance the ability of lecturers in applying the theory of education and learning theory.
  2. Enhance faculty competence in carrying out innovative learning.
  3. Develop curricula and teaching materials based IT (ICT for Education).
  4. Provide resources (brainware, software, and hardware) quality of learning.
  5. Develop a network of learning information and cooperation in the framework of institutional strengthening and consolidating the position of P3AI STIKOM Surabaya in the wider environment.


 The Task Descriptions


 The Activites

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