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DIII Office Administration

Diploma III Computerized Office and Secretarial

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Phone : 031-8721731 , Ext. : 123/725
Department : DIII Computerized Office and Secretarial
Head of Department : Ayuningtyas, S.Kom., M.MT., MOS
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Accrediation : B

The role of information technology in a modern office changes the office administration system lots. Work which used to be done manually, nowadays often takes benefits from information technology. Computerized Office and Secretarial Department of Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Stikom Surabaya gives education to produce graduate who is qualified in developing human resource and excellent in information technology-based office automation and secretarial. Graduates master secretarial knowledge and the newest information technology and also internationally certified “Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)”. Based on the data recorded, waiting period for graduates to get a position at world of work is 6 months.



Be a qualified department in developing human resource who is excellent in office automation and secretarial.



  1. Conducting qualified education of secretarial and office automation, effective and efficient which refers to competence-based curriculum.
  2. Forming an independent and professional human resources and competent in their field.
  3. Carry out research on secretarial and office automation for the development of science and technology.
  4. Perform community service related to the secretarial and office automation field



  1. Produce graduate who has knowledge and professional skill in the field of Office automation and secretarial
  2. Produce graduates who has excellent entrepreneurship, behavior that hold on professional ethics and also has a networking capability.
  3. Create a conducive academic atmosphere
  4. Develop research and community / public service in order to improve the economy of public.


Competency of graduates:

  1. Able and skillful in using information technology and communication optimally to solve problem in office automation and secretarial.
  2. Skillful in conducting effective interpersonal communication
  3. Have attitude and high ethics based on the piety towards the almighty God and have chauvinism



Course and Practical course in the field of Information technology:

  1. Introduction of information technology
  2. Microsoft Office (word, Excel, Access, Power point, PDF)
  3. Managing Projects with Microsoft Project
  4. Diagramming (Brainstorming, Business Process, etc) with Microsoft Visio
  5. Desktop Publishing (Microsoft publisher)
  6. Office automation (teleconference, virtual office, Mobile office, E-mail & fax)
  7. Workshop and internships in a company


Supporting course:

  1. Export – import
  2. Taxation
  3. Mandarin
  4. Introduction to the law of mandarin
  5. Finance and banking
  6. Entrepreneurial
  7. Presentation technique
  8. TOEIC provisioning


Course and Practical course in the field of secretarial:

  1. Secretarial
  2. Archival matters management
  3. Self development
  4. Business administration
  5. Office management
  6. Business communication
  7. Conference and meeting
  8. Keyboarding
  9. Practical English


 Work Profession

Personal assistant, Public relation, Customer Service Officer, Banking Staff,  electronic data management staff of electronic data Event Organizer, others professional staff which cover taxation, export-import and art.



  1. Office Laboratory
  2. Keboarding Laboratory
  3. Language Laboratory
  4. Table Manner Laboratory
  5. Personality laboratory


Internationally certified:

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)



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