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DIV Film and Television Production

DIV Film and Television Production

Address : Jln Raya Kedung Baruk 98 Surabaya
Phone : 031-8721731 ; Ext. 710
Head of Department : Karsam, MA., Ph.D
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Accreditaion : B

Multimedia computer is a department which educate colleges to be able to convey message by using both audio and visual. It could be found on television, interactive multimedia and packed ona creative elements to convey a message with an interesting display.


Graduates Ensured:

Graduate is technically able to master it and able to convey message both using audio and viso at multimedia field which cover annimation, video graphy, interactive multimedia which suitable with communicy need, industrial world, education and government


Main Course:

Game Annimation, Cell Annimation, Digital Audio, Graphic Programming, 3D Modelling, Web Design, Web Game 3D Annimationa and special Effect, Digital Imaging, Web Programming, Video Graphy & Story Boarding, Interactive Multimedia, Basic Design, Digital Editing and Video.


Work Profession:

Annimator, Web Designer, Videographer, Art Director, Photographer, Storyboarder, Digital Illustrator, Game Programmer.


Internationally Certified:



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