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Availability of human resources or a qualified human resources is an important and urgent issue. Higher Education institution is positioned as a producer of human resources is expected to fill the needs of the workplace with optimal quality standards. On the other hand, the quality of university graduates are often also associated with whether or not graduates are quickly absorbed in the labor market.

Efforts are needed to be "closer" to the world of college work from the outset. Thus the needs of the company / agency / HR industry will be met by the college graduates to be more focused / terarahkompetensinya.
Given these needs, STMIK STIKOM Surabaya anticipated by setting up a department called STIKOM Career Center (SCC). SCC is a career development center, which is under the Vice Chairman of the Chancellor for Student Affairs & Alumni.


As an information center and development work for students and alumni STMIK STIKOM Surabaya in order to compete in the world of work.


Build a strategic partnership between STMIK STIKOM Surabaya with companies / institutions / industry. Bridging the needs of students and alumni STMIK STIKOM Surabaya with companies / institutions / industries including government agencies. Prepare candidates - candidates graduate to have the ability, expertise, skills and knowledge in terms of personal development.


to bridge or a mediator between the company / agency / industry job seekers and job seekers, particularly from STMIK STIKOM Surabaya (Bachelor, Associate Specialists, and students).
SCC is expected to also be a forum for the development of quality human resources, especially students and alumni, to be a competent workforce and in accordance with the requirements in the field.
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