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In the midst of National Development trotting, the position of information becomes more and more important. The outgrowth of a development is  highly determined by the substance of its information that is owned by a country. The progress which is  yearned for by a development will be easy to be achieved with the completeness of information . Fast or slow pace of a development is also determined by the speed of obtaining information and the speed of informing it back to the authorities.


The advance in technology has provided an answer to the need of information, a sophisticated computer makes it possible to obtain information quickly, precisely and accurately. The result of the sophisticated information has started touching our lives. The optimal use and utilization of computer can spur the pace of development. The awareness of it which requires the procurement of experts who are skillfull in managing information, and education is one way that must be taken to meet the manpower needs. In this case education is one of ways which must be taken to meet the manpower needs.


Based on this thought, then for the first time in the East Java region, Putra Bhakti Foundation opened Higher Education Computer, “Akademi Komputer & Informatika Surabaya” (Akis) (Academy of Computer & Information Technology Surabaya) on April 30, 1983 by decree of Putra Bhakti Foundation number 01/KPT/PB/III/1983. Its founders are:

  1. Laksda. TNI (Purn) Mardiono
  2. Ir. Andrian A. T
  3. Ir. Handoko Anindyo
  4. Dra. Suzana Surojo
  5. Dra. Rosy Merianti, Ak


Afterwards, based on the meeting done by BKLPTS on 2nd - 3rd March, 1984, Akis’ stands for is converted into the “Akademi Managemen Informatika & Komputer Surabaya “ (Academy of Informatics Management & Computer Surabaya) which is located at Ketintang Baru XIV / 2. On March 10, 1984 it got Operational Permits to organize the management of informatics in the level of Diploma III by decree number: 061/Q/1984 from the Directorate General of Higher Education through the Coordinator of Kopertis Region VII. On  June 19, 1984 Akis got status as REGISTERED by decree from Directorate General of Higher Education number: Akis 0274/O/1984 and its stand for is converted again into the “Akademi Manajemen Informatika & Teknik Komputer Surabaya” (Academy of Informatics Management & Computer Engineering Surabaya). Based on the decree of  General Director of DIKTI : 45/DIKTI/KEP/1992, status of DIII Management of Informatics be upgraded to ACKNOWLEGED.


Time goes on, the need for information also continues to rise. Answering this need Akis is upgraded into Higher education by opening a program of Strata 1 and Diploma III in the major of Information Management. And on March 20, 1986 the name of Akis is changed into STIKOM SURABAYA. STIKOM stands for Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Informatika & Teknik Komputer (The higher school of Informatic Management & Computer Engineering), based on the decree of Putra Bakti Foundation, Number: 07/KPT/PB/03/86 which subsequently obtained the STATUS of REGISTERED on November 25, 1986 by the Education Minister Decree No. S1 0824/O/1986 by organizing educational for S1 and DIII with the major of Informatics Management. Besides STIKOM Surabaya built a new building at Jalan Kutisari 66 which currently becomes campus II STIKOM Surabaya. The inauguration of the buillding was done on December 11, 1987 by Mr. Wahono who became the governor of East Java on that time.



June 19, 1984
AKIS opened a program of DIII with status REGISTERED.


March 30, 1986
AKIS was upgraded into Higher education of Informatics Management & Computer Engineering (STIKOM SURABAYA)


November 25, 1986
STIKOM SURABAYA attained status REGISTERED  for program S1 dan DIII Management of Informatics.


December 11, 1987
The inauguration of the buillding  STIKOM SURABAYA at Jl. Kutisari 66 Surabaya by Mr. Wahono who became the governor of East Java on that time. Opened major in DI computer Accounting.


opened major in DI  Computer  Financial / Banking


1st January 1992
opened major in S1 Computer Engineering with status REGISTERED


19th March 1992
DIII Management of Informatics attained status ACKNOWLEGED.


21st January 1993
S1 Managjement of Informatics attained status ACKNOWLEGED.


1st November 1994
Opened major in DI Multimedia Graphics Computer


31st January 1995
STIKOM SURABAYA gained increased status STANDARDIZED for S1 and DIII Management of Informatics


28th October 1997
Ground breaking of the new building STIKOM SURABAYA Cybercampus on Jl. Raya Kedungbaruk Surabaya.


May 12, 1998
STIKOM SURABAYA opened 3 new majors at once. They are:

  1. DIII majoring in Computerized Secratary Sekretari Berbasis Komputer
  2. DII majoring in Multimedia Graphics
  3. DI majoring in Computer networking


June 30, 1998

STIKOM SURABAYA attained Status STANDARDIZED for majors :

  1. DII Multimedia Graphics
  2. DI majoring in all subjects ( Computerized Accounting, Computer Networking, Multimedia Graphics Computer).


December 1998
Attained status ACCREDITED by  National Accreditation Board, for major S1 Management of Informatics.


March 1999
Moving to new campus at, Jl. Raya Kedung Baruk 98, from campus STIKOM SURABAYA SIER at Jl. Rungkut Industri I / 1 Surabaya.


June 1999
Separation of  DI Multimedia Graphics becomes D1 Graphics and D1 Multimedia. And also changing of DII Multimedia Graphics into DII Graphics and DII Multimedia.


August 2000
Attained status Accredited by National Accreditation Board, for S1 Computer Engineering


Mei 2002
Attained status Accredited by National Accreditation Board, for DIII Management of Informatics


July 2003
Opened DIII Printing & Packaging Computer.


13 August 2003
Strata 1 Computer Engineering changes into Strata 1 Computer  System based on a letter from the DIKTI about permit extension of its organizing with no: 1904/D/T/2003.


2nd September 2003
Opened manjor of DIII majoring in Computer of Prinitng and Packaging.


4th Juni 2004
STIKOM SURABAYA attained status “ACCREDITED (B)” untuk Jurnal Ilmiah GEMATIKA (Jurnal Manajemen Informatika) dan “ACCREDITED (C)” untuk Jurnal Ilmiah GEMATEK (Jurnal Teknik Komputer).


March 3, 2005
Diploma III Computerized Accounting got a permit extension based on a letter from DIKTI about about Operation Permit with number  : 644/D/T/2005.


May 10, 2005
DIII Multimedia Computer got a permit extension based on a letter from DIKTI about about Operation Permit with number : 1402/D/T/2005.


3 Juni 2005
Strata 1 Information System attained status “ACCREDITED (decree of  BAN-PT number: 012/BAN-PT/Ak-IX/S1/VII/2005 dengan nilai 333 (B)).


27 Desember 2005
Strata 1 Computer System attained status “ACCREDITED” (decree of  BAN-PT number: 024/BAN-PT/Ak-IX/S1/XII/2005 with value 330 (B)).


16 Januari 2006
Diploma III modern Computer Secretary & Office Sekretari & Perkantoran has changed its name into Computerized secretarial and Office based on the letter from DIKTI about permit operational permit number: 75/D/T/2006.


8 Nopember 2007
Opened major of S1 Visual Communication Design.


Opened major of S1 Information System - Accounting Computer Specialist


Based on the Ministry of Education and Culture Decree No. 378 / E / O / 2014, September 4th, the STIKOM Surabaya transformed into the Institute with the name of the Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Stikom Surabaya.

The study program organized by the Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Stikom Surabaya is as follows:

Economy and Business Faculty:

-          Accounting

-          Management 

-          Computer Office & Secretarial

Technologi and Informatics Faculty:

-          Information System

-          Computer System

-          Visual Communication and Design

-          Graphics Design         

-          Computer Multimedia

-          Informatics Management

-          Computer Graphics and Printing


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