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STIMIK STIKOM Surabaya Rewards




Robot team STMIK STIKOM Surabaya "Miracle SWC_8" won third place in
Robot Contest Regional Level IV, 27 April 2013


STMIK STIKOM Surabaya awarded TeSCA, 2013, as 2 High Schools ranked categories (of 201 High Schools in

Indonesia), and 35 ranked universities category (of 551 Universities
high in Indonesia).

3 STMIK STIKOM Surabaya, at the level of higher school is awarded as superior college 2012 by Coordinator of Private College VII (Kopertis Wilayah VII) in the field of : Institutional and Governance, Research and Public Service, Student Affairs and Tri Dharma of College.


STMIK STIKOM Surabaya, at the third year in 2012 wins Institutional Competition Grant Program (Program Hibah Kompetisi Institusi = PHKI) at B Theme for Improving the quality of a department.


STMIK STIKOM Surabaya wins nine researches of Competitive Grant Research which are held by Higher Education (Dikti)


STMIK STIKOM Surabaya gets grants fund of Cooperative Education (Co-op) held by higher Education (Dikti) in 2012 related with students’ Internship in middle-lower business (Usaha Kecil Menengah = UKM) at the third year.


In 2011,Yohanes Erwin Priyanto, Student of DIV Multimedia Computer won Second runner-up at the selection of execellent student in the level of Coordinator of Private College VII (Kopertis Wilayah VII) in east Java


In 2011, Each of Hendrikus Rian Prayuda (Student of Visual Communication design Department) and Haikal Ridho Afandi (student of DIV Multimedia Computer Department) won Third and First runner-up at the contest of Photography at Food Festival Pakuwon City


 In 2011, Female Basketball Team of STMIK STIKOM Surabaya won second rank at LA LIGHT Campus League


In 2011, Edityas Fitriono (Student of Information System Department) got third rank of Jiu-jitsu Championship at Unesa Open V


In2011, Wahyu Chusnul Rozil (student of Infromation System Department) got the best of six at BMX Free Style Sea Games XXVI in Palembang and Jakarta


In 2011, Nanda Surya Setiawan (student of Infromation System Department) won first rank at IDX Game Competition-2011 Indonesian Stock Exchange 2011 held by Indonesian Stock Exchange (Bursa Efek Indonesia) in Surabaya


Student Activity Unit in the field of volunteer corps won third runner-up and second rank of futsal competition among volunteer corps of Indonesian red cross all over Surabaya, each of them held by Indonesian Red Cross in Surabaya and by Airlangga University in 2011


Student Activity Unit in the field of Dance got second runner-up at Modern Dance Festival Grand City Surabaya in 2011


In 2011, Achmad Roiyan Fauzi (student of Infromation System Department) nominated nationally at Detik Modification Oto Honda Jazz Soprty and Safe in student’s style which was held by


In 2011, Yohanes Ekodono  and Rizal Pratama (students of Information System Department) were chosen as Octofinalist in East Java Varsities English Debate held by Universitas Negeri Malang


In 2011, Each of Iwan Wijaya (student of Information System Department) and Hendy Wicaksono (student of Multimedia Computer Department) nationally attained first and second rank at Photography Cosplay Competition held by Apkomindo East Java


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